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While we are interviewing you to see if you are a good fit to work with us, we know you probably have questions as well.  

This page is designed for one purpose only, to give ALL the information you could ever want about our company so that you can make an educated decision about whether you would want to work with us, assuming it’s a good fit for everyone. 

We’ve compiled the best videos, reviews, biographies, and testimonials from across the internet so that you can get a wide range of perspectives on who we are. Enjoy!

First, check out this video (if you haven't already) where Matt gives an overview of REI Ace.

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Robert Kiyosaki & Matt on
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Matt being interviewed on his journey from frustration to freedom on the  Business & Burgers TV Show
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We recently reached out to get accredited by the BBB to prove to our students that we're operating a business that you can trust, all the way to the most respected business monitoring platform in the world.

Longest Running
Real Estate Investing Podcast

More Than 1,000 5-Star Reviews

Here's a ton of videos and audios from students of Epic Real Estate.

Some are interviews, some are voicemails, some are simply our students posting their "wins" in our private Facebook group.

We've compiled a huge list of these over the years. We try to keep up and post new ones every week but they come in so fast it's tough to keep up. Be sure you scroll through them all. We'd rather you hear it from THEM, not from us.

We aren't that cool, but our students are!
"I never had systems set up before Epic. It was a game-changer for me to learn to do things more efficiently. I went from 'scattered' to 'organized' and was able to take on volume. 

I had tons of support all the time. That was priceless!

Now I'm closing 4 to 5 deals a month!"
-Aaron Smith
Project Manager to "Top Gun" Investor!
Chris Warren
When Chris left his 13-year job as a project manager, he was on the look-out for an accelerator to boost his real estate business as quickly as possible. 

Chris stepped up to real estate and joined the REI Ace Program.

He is now consistently closing deals, and has deemed himself financially free.

“It really works and it comes quick!”
"Put a TK rehab in progress under contract to sell."
"One SRF purchase under contract for $36K. "
"Put two TurnKey rehabs under contract to sell $38K margin in one and $20K in the other."
"Meeting with cash buyer tomorrow and looking at more properties"
"Closed on the purchase of a 3/2 SFR $60k, $40k rehab, $130k ARV. Rents for $1,100 and basement will be an AirBnB studio apartment!"
"I did my favorite activity, scuba diving on a WEEKDAY for the first time in 14 years! Thank you REAL ESTATE!"
"3/2 SFR under contract to purchase for $61K, $15K rehab, $110K ARV, $1,1150 Rent."
"Closed on the purchase of a SFR to hold at 60% of current market value with tenant in place."
"Closed today on the purchase of a retail fix/flip"
"Adding 6 doors and $2,250 recurring net income to the portfolio"
"Two fix/flip per month for Months 4-6, then adding two fix/holds every month."
"Contract to purchase a tenanted SFR to hold: $35k, $70k value. Tenant pays $575, market rent - $750"

"Puts The Badass Into
Real Estate Investor"

Daniel Akkerman is a U.S. army ranger and sniper who returned from overseas protecting our country with a goal to seek more for himself both in life and as an entrepreneur.

Just 3 months after joining REI Ace, Daniel closed 14 wholesale deals and added 7 cash-flowing rental properties to his portfolio. He shared his experience at the Manhattan Beach Epic Intensive.
Daniel Akkerman
"About a 9k win with a double closing wholesale."
"Escrow opened three times this week and one deal closed"
"Lease with option to purchase 17k down payment, some rental money and 1.2k for helping a home owner"

"From 0 to 90 Units and Counting..."

After the corporate route became to wearing on Ryan and Emily Miersma, their goals fully shifted into finding an avenue that could supplement their income and allow them to focus on being a family.

Only 5 months into the REI ACE program, the Miersmas' closed just under 90 units, including an 80 unit mobile home park!

"We're at $3000 a month cash flow in just five few months... the goal is $12k"
Ryan & Emily Miersma
"Closing on a 4 unit today."
"80-unit mobile home park in escrow."
"Should be close to 100% CROI."
Maura McGraw

"This Is Like Military Grade Investing!"

Maura McGraw was an officer in the United States Marine Corps until she decided to seek out a better work-life balance.

Only six months after joining the REI Ace program, Maura closed two deals in one day for a combined total of $39,000. She shared her experience at the Boston Epic Intensive shortly after receiving the Veteran Business Leader award in Birmingham.
"We've done a little bit of everything - new construction, flips, wholesaling, and building that rental portfolio!"
"Closed out my two flips."
"Got 2 under contract this week."
"Just closed on a rental property."
"Won one of the biggest real estate case competitions in the world today."
"First flip is finished and on the market."
"2nd flip complete."
"2 more deals under contract."
"Closed 2 deals."

Ok, so what's Matt's story?

Matt Theriault

Since 2003, Matt Theriault has been the go-to teacher for aspiring investors who want the financial independence real estate promises.

Matt works with committed people who understand "escaping the rat race" sooner rather than later is a viable option and not a pipe-dream.

His signature models are built around automating systems for attracting motivated sellers, converting them to contracts, and closing them to create passive income.

He’s on a mission to squash the antiquated investment strategies of work, save cash, sacrifice and retire in 40+ years... and replace them with work, stream cash,  live now AND in retirement. 

“Real estate is the final frontier where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating Epic wealth.”

Jakeem Lewis

Click here to listen from Jakeem...
"Closed purchase on great rental property at 115k, Zestimate 176k. After 5k renovation, rent for 1400-1600/ month"
"Scheduled a $16,250 assignment for Jan 3rd closing."
 "Purchase Agreement on sale of a single-family home to another investor (should see about $15k profit)."
"Closed on a 20k wholesale fee this month."
"Purchase closed sfh at 99k. Quick easy Rehab 15k and flip at 170"
"$10,600 at a tax auction. $20k rehab and ARV of $75k."
 " 2 Closings!"
"Closed out with two assignments for $27k on Tuesday!"
"1 Wholesale assignment closed. 4 contracts to buy. 2 contracts to sell."

Doyle McMahon

Click here to listen to Doyle...
"Got a property under contract today! I'm going to close on it and then reselling using seller financing!"
"Sold a flip on Monday and sold one today."
"Wins come in many forms, blessed to be a part of something greater than oneself."
"Waiting on a pay off and can close escrow next week!"
"One wholesale closed for $5k."
"Got a signed purchase agreement for my first 1 Mil wholesale deal"
"Wholesale deal closed!"
"Seller agreed to selling 6 properties, no interest payments"
"Closed on a refinance to put $82,000 back in our pockets tax free!"

Rob Kim

Click here to listen Rob...
Rich Strauss
Click here to listen to Rich...
Steve Bollinger
Click here to listen to Steve...
Roberto Mason
Click here to listen to Roberto...
Justin Rohr
Click here to listen to Justin...
Jamiel Strickland
Click here to listen to Jamiel...
"Flip under contract closing next week. Estimated profit $80k-$100k."
"Purchase Agreement on Sale of single-family home to another investor (should see about $15k profit)"
"She called me as soon as she got the card and had me out and signed the deal this afternoon."
"Wins - 2 escrows closed, 1 currently in escrow"
"Wholesaled a duplex and a single fam for $20k  gross"
"Closed a wholesale deal today and getting terms down for another deal."
"Sold full price of $109,000 after one day on market... $40k profit!"
"Confirmed two wholesale deals expected to close next week"
"Closed a baby $4k deal yesterday!"

...some more words from Matt.

"At Epic Real Estate, we know that most people are living a life of financial sacrifice and betrayal.

So… we’ve built a system that creates an opportunity for one’s money to work harder for them than they did for it, saving them and their families from a lifetime of financial worry.

Real estate works. It works better than anything else... and everyone deserves a chance at that.

They did more with real estate in 13 months than what they failed to do at their jobs in 38 years.

"Rat Race Escapees"
Tony & Cyndee Jardieu
Tony Jardieu was planning on retiring from a 38-year long career in banking when he discovered Matt’s podcast and was hooked.

Tony and his wife, Cyndee joined forces and came to the Epic Intensive with a goal and left with a plan. Upon becoming REI Ace members, their plan to escape the rat race was put into action.

13 months later, Tony and Cyndee added more than 30 cash flowing assets to their portfolio by applying the strategies and systems in REI Ace.

“Exiting the rat race - we did that. Now, it’s just about building additional cash flow to do some of the fun things in life we want to do.”
"Sold a fix and flip and nearing rehab completion on 2 others."
"Sold 2 properties w/ total net monthly cash flow of $795 for 10 years."
"Purchased a portfolio of 4 SF homes."
"15 years of $300/month free cash flow."
"Have our first booking in our AirBnB this weekend!"
"Contracted to purchase a SFR by approaching the seller when he was putting up his FSBO sign."
"Finished SF rehab, signed agreement to sell w/ owner financing that will generate a 60% CRO"
"Signed agreement to sell a rental house to the tenant by providing them with seller financing."
"Sold 2 contracts for a net profit of $22K."
"Purchased 7 single family homes, significant equity in each."
"Purchased a SF home ($20k equity) inheriting a renter who want to buy the house if we owner finance it."
"Purchased a 2,729 single-family house in Waco, partially furnished that we will use as an AirBnB."
Enrique Santana
Click here to listen to Enrique...
Abbas Raza
Click here to listen to Abbas...
"Completed rehab on a 3-plex. $1,800 expected monthly rent."
"Closed 2 buy n' holds, 29% Cash on Cash return."
"Currently working 15 contracts. Pushing hard to reach $1MM in gross revenue by years end."
Ryan Nickel
Click here to hear it from Ryan...
"We've done 20 [deals] since we started working with you. It's fast and furious for sure! We're not worried about finances like we used to be."
-Brian Campbell
Financially FREE! 25 years old
When Parker Stiles was 24, his aversion to the “rat race” and fascination with real estate drove him straight into the forces of Epic. Just 12 months later, his passive income exceeded his monthly expenses, taking him out of the 9-5 work life for good. At this very moment, he’s on a six-month sabbatical in Denver with his new wife, fully supported by the cash flow he built with Matt.
"My next big goal is a million a year in both markets and focusing on building that rental income."
"Both are already in escrow with buyers for $50,000 GP."
"My Acq Mgr hit his quarterly bonus for generating $150,000!"
"I received my first paycheck today!"
"Closed 2 deals in CHS market worth $40k."
"Closed $59,000 in wholesales this week in CHS."
"2 closed this week."
"Closed 2 deals yesterday for about $35K total."
"2 new properties under contract in CHS for wholesale."
"We will wholesale it and make between $35-45K."
"Closed on another $20K wholesale in CHS today."
"Going to close out this month with $145,979 in gross wholesale fees."
"New property under contract in ATL that should wholesale for $15-20K."
"Got a sweet property under contract that might make us $45-50K... All while hanging out at the beach!"
"Locked up a B-C agreement from a buyer in Charleston, $10.5K over our last highest offer."
"Closed a $14k wholesale in Charleston."
"Went UC on a new property earlier in the week..."
Real Estate Investing: It Checks Out!
In our private Facebook groups, we encourage students to share their wins, small and big because when you're winning... the group needs you, and when you're slumping... you need the group. The Epic community is supportive and engaged. These are just a few of their recent posts, and we update them weekly.
"Should get me $20K assignment!"
"Got a check at closing for $5K."
"Closing today on purchase of first rehab."
"PA signed on a seller finance deal with $30K in equity and $600/month cf."
"It will only cash flow about $150 after refi, but that will be an infinite ROI!"
"Under contract, 4-plex in Waco."
"Closing on a 4-unit today."
"We went under contract on five different apartment buildings!"
"We have an income-producing asset with an infinite return." ($300/mo)
"Got two more properties under contract."
"Back to back 5 figure weeks."
"$850 rent per unit."
"$300/mo cash flow."
"You can't make this stuff up!" ($1600/month)
"Got a duplex under contract. About $520/month profit."
"Got a wholesale deal that should net $20-28K."
"My first virtual deal closed!"
"Bought a rental property with no money out of pocket."
"Closed on a 4-plex, fully occupied."
"Pulled out $105K in equity."
"Closed on a rental at $44K with $30K in equity."
"Should be able to rent out for $2000/mo."
"Sold 2 properties with owner financing."
"Assigned a deal for $22K."
"Appraised value = $230K... total cost to acquire property = $1,600."
"Threw one of my acquisitions on the market. Should give me $20K profit!"
"When the door of opportunity opens, walk through it. Matt opened the door."
"Boom! New property in contract."
"The fortune is in the follow up."
"Closed on a fix n flip with 80 stacks of profit."
"Up/down duplex in Grand Rapids, MI under contract."
"Got one under contract this week."
"Closed on a 4-unit yesterday with only $5K down"
"Locked up a great deal this afternoon. $200K under ARV!"
"Couple of properties under contract this week."
"Today I closed on my first California deal!!!!" ($20,166.66)
"Got a property under contract for $20K."
"11 properties (land) under contract in last 3 weeks."
"I should be able to triple the market rent at this location."
"Closed a refi on this beauty!"
"Property will sell easy for $250K and we have it under contract for $150K. Boom."
"Signed counter offer on possibly our 1st deal."
"Closed on a deal."
"Closed on a wholesale deal with a nice $14K fee."
"Closed on my first tax sale."
"We got our first payday!" ($10K)
Stephen Mendiola
Click here to listen to Stephen...
"I listened to you on the podcast and became a believer."
Tony Jardieu
Epic Intensive attendee
"I just would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my family in our future endeavors."
Victoria Zarate
Epic Intensive attendee

I almost didn't work with Epic because...

Jack Hoss
Josh Koth
"You can either spend the 10,000 hours becoming an expert, or you can find an expert and just mirror what they've already done. And that's what we've done with Epic."
Jack Hoss and Josh Koth were doing about one deal per month "in spite of themselves" before meeting Matt. Even then, they feared how many deals they were missing due to their lack of organization and follow-up. 

Jack and Josh came to the Epic Intensive with a goal and left with a plan. Upon becoming REI Ace members, they copy and pasted Matt's systems into their business.

Within a month, their business quadrupled to closing 4 deals per month. Within 6 weeks,  they paid back their REI Ace dues in full - and they've been gaining steam ever since. 
"Closed on occupied rental (infinite returns w/ $30K equity)."
"Our largest acquisition to date ($1.1 Million)"
"SFR under contract ($40K equity + infinite returns)."
"Wholesaled a turn-key property to another investor." ($14,423.55)
"Single-family home wholesaled to another investor ($10K profit)."
"ARV of $150K purchased at $45."
"30 new potential sellers identified."
"$100K in additional private money."
"Collected the below check when we wholesaled a great property!" ($20,445.57)
"Accepted a full-price offer on our flip through a single showing!"
"New 3-year lease-to-own in place. Profit up front ($4500 check collected)."
"Escrow closed (purchase) on a single-family home." ($17K)
"Double closed on a property in a rural community (check below)." ($4,168.90)
"Purchased Agreement signed on a sale (should net $12K)."
"Purchase Agreement signed on our first deal from PPC campaign."
"We've done so many closings that they made us a custom sign!"
"Wholesaled turnkey rental to another investor ($12K profit)."
"Escrow closed on a single family home ($40K of equity)."
"Walked away with the below check." ($12,216.00)
"$15K profit, $20K profit, $35K in equity."
"Another cash flow property added to the portfolio. ($1400/mon)" ($20,825)
"Purchase agreement to wholesale SFR for $13K profit."
"Escrow closed on sale with profit of $11K (see check below)."
"Great flip single family home under contract at $95K."
"Wholesale deal on a property in Fargo with $16K profit."
"Wholesaled a great flip located in Horace, ND ($12K profit)."
"Escrow closed on a purchase of a single-family home in Moorhead, MN. ($50K Equity)"
"Under Contract: Home in Fargo ($35K in Equity)."
"Escrow closed on a single family home purchase ($40K equity + infinite returns)."
"4-plex under contract ($30K equity)."
"$35K in equity. $40K in equity."
"Purchase agreement for sale of a single-family home ($12,000 profit)."
"Just collected $7,000 cash down payment on new Contract for Deed."
"Wholesaled a property for $10K profit."
"Closing out Friday strong with an accepted offer!"
"Escrow closed on a Condo (purchase) no money down and seller financed!"
"Signed agreement on the sale of a single-family home (should see $16K profit)."
"Escrow closed! Sale of a home to a local flipper. (Profit of $14K.)"
"Escrow Closed!"
"DOUBLE CLOSE on a single-family home in Fargo. (check below)." ($12,771.50)
"We did 20 flips last year and we added 4 or 5 doors to our rental portfolio. The year before that was about half. We doubled - at least."
-Greg Zytkowski & Russell Taylor
We've helped countless investors get their first deals done. Now they can finally reap the benefits of their hard work! ...and moving forward it's no more complicated than repeating a once unfamiliar process.
"Two single family homes under contract with $1400 monthly income."
"Thank you for helping me get my first two flips done."
"Closed on my first wholesale deal. $20K wired into the account."
"Signed my first contract with a property manager!"
"I am already in the process of closing my second deal!"
"We will be splitting $11,360!!!!"
"Got my first hurricane house under contract."
"Cash buyer close in 10 days."
"Post first check!" ($2,500)
"Netting $20k and $75/month paid to the loan."
"Check out my FIRST deal!!!!"
"Closed a deal Wednesday and have another one for next week!"
Jay Hoey
Click here to listen to Jay...
"I am doing 2-4 deals per month and netting $25,000-$30,000 per wholesale deal."
Greg Helbeck
"Right around 3 years ago I started listening to your podcast. I remember I was at a dead-end job cutting weeds for $10 an hour. You were explaining how to invest in real estate and it seemed so distant to me because I was a broke 20-year-old in the middle of college with no plan or direction.

Your podcast planted the seed in me to make the decision to become a full-time real estate investor, and I'm proud to say 3 years later that decision has changed my life.

I've never made more money in my life so far this year, and I completely virtualized my business to where I am doing 2-4 deals per month and netting $25,000-$30,000 per wholesale deal. Because of all that, I now live in sunny Southern California and run my business completely remotely.

If someone were to tell me three years after listening to that podcast I'd be living the life I'm living right now, I would have told them they were crazy! Anything is possible when you get the right information. Never give up and keep failing forward to success. It all started with me putting your podcast in my ears as I was cutting the weeds looking for a new direction in life. 

This business is truly life-changing. Thanks for all you do!!"
Corey Kendig
The concept of “work hard, play hard” has never appealed to 24-year-old Corey Kendig. He enjoys snowmobiling in the winter and motorcycling in the summer with no desire to ever be interrupted by work. When he met Matt, Corey’s goal was to design a life closer to the concept of “work a little, play a lot.” After 12 months of commitment to the REI Ace model, life is finally Corey’s playground as he travels three to six months every year in the snow, dirt, and surf. He has used his new financial freedom to retire his father.
"I just laid there and accepted the fact that I was going to die... And I remember being super stoked about—like, man! I achieved financial freedom!"
"5 contracts, 2 different states."
"Today I netted $191,000 from two single family houses!"
"Finishing touches on a flip that should net 40 stacks."
He replaced his six-figure corporate paycheck in 18 months... and then quit.
Josh Miller was an engineer at Chevron for 10 years. Eventually, he realized that he would never create epic wealth with only a regular paycheck and a pension.

At the end of 2016, Josh set out to become a real estate investor on his own. He was successful, but the deals came slowly - until he became an REI Ace client.

Today, Josh does 1-2 deals per week, which has allowed him to quit his job and become a full-time investor.
"My official last day at my corporate job will be December 31st."
Robert Borer
Robert Borer is a full-time chiropractor whose dreams of becoming a real estate investor had been placed on the back burner. After meeting Matt at the Epic Intensive, he realized his need for some extra guidance.

Through the REI Ace program, Robert was able to officially make real estate investing his "side hustle" to the tune of half a dozen deals. He plans to eventually replace his chiropractic career with investing entirely and leave the rat race for good.
"I actually, like, buy things now. It's amazing!"
"Even factoring 40% expenses it should cash flow $500/mo and change!"
"Sold it in less than 24hrs for $30K! Did you catch that I was asking for $27,650???"
"First 'official' title company close!" ($6,729.93)
Nate Hammond
Click here to listen to Nate...
"The things that you taught me personally - it's been beyond what I had imagined."
Damon Ng
Epic Intensive attendee
"Thank you so much for all the great information and all the time and resources that you give everybody."
Brandon Calhoun
Epic Intensive attendee
"If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be using the 3 letter option of intent, which has closed us several deals."
Cole & Rachel Acklin
Epic Intensive attendees
"I'm expecting to gross $1.2 MILLION this year."
Brad Donley knew absolutely nothing about real estate when he met Matt. With some Epic coaching, he was able to leave the family business and start investing in real estate full time. His first check of $5,000 within 30 days made him a believer. His second check of $26,000 within 45 days made his wife a believer. Just a few years later, he now averages $200,000 per month, making Brad the most prolific Epic student to date.
"It put all the pieces together. I feel like I can see it all now."
David & Laurel Kinkade
Epic Intensive attendees
"I look forward to working with you even more in the future."
Ivan Jenkins
Epic Intensive attendee
"It was my goal to get out of the rat race within 2 years. It somehow accelerated being a part of your Academy and Inner Circle, and it looks like I'll be doing that within 6 months."
-Paul Hopkins
This is what it looks like to kiss your 9-5 job goodbye.
"Just deposited $10k wholesale fee check!"
"We got one property under contract this week and went on four appointments."
"I've got several sets of investors interested in the new multi-family property I am pursuing!"
"Got a property under contract."
"Closing on 3 buy and hold properties this week."
"Expecting to make $10K on this one."
"Got a hold property under contract!"
"We'll net another $500/month on this one as well."
"Just closed Thursday and I got my check in the mail today!!!!!!!!" ($12,596.12)
"Closed my rehab property."
"Closed on 3 hold properties!"
"$75k in profit this week and it doesn't even need rehab."
"Locked up a nice little deal today for a $20K spread."
"3 deals under contract."
"Found a condo worth $150K. Got it for $38K."
"Closed on a wholesale deal this week. Deal #17."
"Sold a flip for a $23K profit."
"Took the day off of work to go pick up this net proceed beauty!!" ($60,791.30)
"Got a property under contract."
"Lots of call this week."
"Sold 2 contracts for a net profit of $22k."
"Got a multifamily property under contract!"
"My first closing this year." ($24,167.12)
"$9500 wholesale fee and a $2700 listing commission."
"Under contract less than 3 weeks into the program."
"I would recommend people who are on the fence, who are scared, to take that leap. What the Epic team does has really pushed me to where I've been able to quit my job and do this full time."
Josiah & Mary Wilson
"You actually learn real real estate tips that you can use and actually make money."
Josh & Patty Swanson
Epic Intensive attendees
"I like the whole range of all the information that you get and the simplicity of the information."
Edward O. Daniel
Epic Intensive attendee
When Real Estate Investors Start Clicking... end up with some really impressive Facebook posts.
"Boom! A quickie!" ($2,500)
"Got a hold property under contract!"
"Already have a buyer lined up to wholesale."
"Wholesaled off a dirty fixer for $13K profit."
"We are off and running." ($22,668.05)
"Didn't even want to post my win because everyone else crushed it even harder than I did!"
"Closed a house purchase."
"Currently under contract for 10 hold units and one flip!"
"I felt like a 16-year-old kid looking at his first check again..." ($9,325.84)
"Starting to get return calls!"
Josiah Wilson
Click here to listen to Josiah...
Check Josiah's FB posts!
"Put 2 houses under contract."
"Closed 1 realtor transaction."
"2 properties under contract this week."
"Sold a 6 month headache - profited!"
"6 properties under contract."
"Close on a property that I made $4K on."
"Put the next flip property under contract."
"Best profit yet in my 2.5 years as an investor."
"Sold a flip property netting $39K."
"3 properties for $30K total."
"Purchased at $35K. $60K rehab. ARV of $145K."
"Put a house under contract on the 19th. Received the $4,500 on the 20th."
"Put two houses under contract this week."
"One house under contract."
"Mindset is shifting!"
"$54 profit for the next 5 years. Put $2K in my pocket up front."
"Just put this under contract."
"Total monthly payment on my end should be about $250 a month."
"When I started with your coaching, it kicked me into action!"
Last November, Jeremiah Johnson was working full time for someone else. He finally got fed up and made the leap to real estate investing in December. By January, he had 8 deals under contract.

Just 4 months after he switched to real estate, he was working freely as his own boss and averaged $60-75,000 per month.

Now, after 6 months of full time real estate investing, Jeremiah has closed a grand total 60 deals!
"Closed out a $30K wholesale week!"
"We just closed our first $200K wholesale week!"
"Closing 3 contracts and it's the second of the month!" ($12,350)
Jeremiah Johnson
Nathan Price
Nathan Price worked graveyard shifts as a nurse and ran his real estate business during 
the day, all while managing a marriage and two children. Needless to say, being productive in his limited time was a struggle… but not anymore! He has since quit his job as a nurse and is financially independent

Recently, he has scaled up to an average of $50,000 per month from his real estate endeavors.
"Since starting coaching with you, I have received wholesale commissions of $6.9K, $7.5K, $8.5K, and $10K."
"You can have your cake and eat it too."
"Check 2 of 2 for my assignment fee  on a property that will be closing the 10th of next week." ($4,250)
"Had we come to this much sooner, our business would be completely different."
Shawn & Julee McClelland
Epic Intensive attendees
"Going through this training will allow you to understand [investing] better and move forward."
Nelson Hayes
Epic Intensive attendee
"To be able to click onto the Epic Pro Academy and get all this information is overwhelming, but in a GREAT way!"
Aaron Smith
Epic Intensive attendee
"I really enjoy what you have to say and how you say it. I relate to you. So I just want to say thank you, Matt."
Robert Borer
Epic Intensive attendee
"[Matt]'s in the industry... He's looking to help the other investors who are like-minded and wants to genuinely be for the benefit of others."
Chris Kemp
Epic Intensive attendee
More about Parker...
Parker Stiles
My favorite type of message to receive from students
"Knowing that we could have my monthly expenses paid for whether we were doing something or not... that kind of just changes the whole culture inside the house."
More "Top Gun" real estate investors...
"Picked up our 26th rental today."
"Decreased rental portfolio vacancy by 50%."
"Met my seller at the Rose Bowl Thursday to exchange $1920 cash for deed."
"We got the assignment and renegotiation in writing this week."
"We have 2 properties under contract, 1 offer, 1 lending close."
"Identified a great new cashflow market."
"Receiving payment just feels good." ($83,386.25)
"Had a busy week of offers."
"Will cash flow $100/month and then get $10K in 3 years."
"I closed my first flip/wholesale for a profit of $41K!"
"Found a buyer for a deal we are wholesaling."
"I can't sleep at night because I'm so excited every day. It's been awesome, man."
-Joey Stant
"First closing today!! This academy has changed my life." ($5,100)
"$13K profit!"
"1st Contract Accepted!!"
"Closing today, another deal under contract."
More about Corey...
"My friends made fun of me for getting discounted lunch in tenth grade. I told myself, I'm gonna show up to my 10-year high school reunion in a Lamborghini. I beat it by two years."

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